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Sewing Tutorial: How to Measure Yourself

February 15, 2013

Take your body measurements and choose the right tape measure, too.

Need a new wardrobe? A slightly altered shape or silhouette? The place to start is with a measuring tape. To sew or buy anything that fits, you first must take measure of yourself. Are you ready?

How to measure yourself and learn about a variety of tape measures

Your personal measurements make you unique. Knowing what they are will help you sew or choose clothing that fits better (no more baggy butts). You’ll feel better, too (no more binding waistlines)! Measuring isn’t difficult. Download our PDF for specifics on how to take 13 different body measurements.

Share the process with a friend! It is easier, fun and more accurate to measure with an extra set of eyes and hands. But wait, before you can get started, you’ll need a tape measure. Let’s make sure you pick the right one for the job!

A variety of Dritz tape measures are available for sewing and quilting

Did you know…all measuring tapes are not created equal? Cloth tapes can stretch with lots of use, so measuring isn’t as accurate as it could be. Use a fiberglass measuring tape that maintains its shape for best results.

Let’s learn about all the Dritz® tape measure options you have!

 A 60" Dritz tape measure is easy to use from either end

Tired of always grabbing the wrong end of the tape measure? Choose a tape measure like this one that has a starting point of 1-inch at each end. It comes in fun pink and green colors, too!

 Use a 120" Dritz tape measure for quilting and home decor

Some tapes are really long and might be too much to handle for a quick measurement. This Dritz® quilter’s tape measure shown is 120″ – perfect for large pieces of fabric for quilting or home decorating projects.

The typical 60” long tapes are easiest to use for body measurements.

Measure fabric with a Dritz 288" tape measure; simply flip it and keep measuring

The Dritz® Flip-It Tape Measure goes to 144” on one side, but then continues on to 288” on the opposite side – just “flip it” and keep on measuring.

Retractable Dritz tape measures are ideal for on-the-go measuring

How to store your tape measures? Coil or drape them – fiberglass holds its shape. Keep a retractable one in your purse for on-the-go measurements. The nifty Dritz® Tape Measure Pod has a home of its own!

What kind of tape measure do you use most often and what do you use it for? Do you have a favorite style?

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