Halloween Round-Up

October 24, 2012

8 last-minute ideas that don’t look last minute.

Since we’re a bit late, our Halloween projects are super quick, promise … we’re hoping 30-minutes or less works for you.  Check them out!

8 last minute Halloween costume ideas

Super cheese cheesecloth ghost: It’s a Halloween favorite. Start by making the basic ghost figure, but have fun with it!  Will it be a tabletop centerpiece? Or part of a porch display?  You decide.   

Frankenstein costume: An easy peasy costume with just 3 ingredients – safety pins + a T-shirt + sweat pants.

Party like it’s time for a tootsie pop: A tasty treat that’s sassy to boot.  Your friends will be jealous of how clever you are.

Tulle skirt: This has fun written all over it. Add some funky tights and then decide which direction to take it – princess, super hero, or favorite TV character?  The choice is yours.

Spooky napkin rings: A great holiday decoration that you can make now, and use again next year.  Make guests feel special with this last-minute inspiration that adds a nice touch to store-bought napkins.

Skull T-shirt: The ultimate in easy handmade.  Make a safety pin skull on a T-shirt.  Use bobbins for eyes.  And if it’s a T-shirt you really love and want to wear post-Halloween, just remove the evidence. Genius.

Creepy vase: Iron-on letters can be applied to glass – who knew?

Hey, that’s my treat bag: There’s no denying whose bag is whose when your stash is personalized.  Another super easy project that adds a bit of personality to a basic bag (and ensures your candy ends up in the right hands). 

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