Tulle Skirt

October 20, 2012

This has fun written all over it. 

Decide which direction you want to take it with the addition of some funky tights – straight-up Halloween, sweet princess, super hero, or favorite TV character?  The choice is yours.

Tulle Skirt Halloween Project

Supplies needed:

  • Dritz® ¾” non-roll elastic (enough to go around waist)
  • Black tulle (determine quantity using calculator below; our skirt has a 28” waist and is 13” long; we used ~ 5yds of 54” wide tulle)
  • Scissors
  • Cutting mat or tape measure
  • Sewing machine & thread
First calculate tulle yardage following using this chart.  As an example, for our skirt (28” waist x 13” long) we used ~ 5yds of 54” wide tulle, and cut 56 strips measuring 6” wide x 26” long.  TIP: for even quicker tulle, purchase rolls of pre-cut tulle that is 6” wide and just cut into the right amount of strips.  If you’ve got this option, go for it! It’s a really easy alternative!

Next, cut your tulle into pieces equal to the length of the strips (26” in our example).  Next cut each piece into 6” wide strips.

Tulle Skirt: Step 3 Cut elastic to waist measurement minus 1”. Overlap each end by 1” and zigzag together, creating a waistband.  See technique tutorial for additional information on finishing elastic.

Tulle Skirt: Step 4

Stretch elastic waist over the back of a chair to make it easier to tie strips onto elastic.

Tulle Skirt: Step 5 Fold each tulle strip in half, forming a loop.  Position loop behind the elastic.  Fold loop to front of elastic, then pull strip through loop to secure strips to elastic waistband.  Continue using all strips.  When you’re done, evenly distribute strips on waistband.  Trim any uneven strips if desired.

Save or download a PDF project tutorial here.

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