Spooky Napkin Rings

October 19, 2012

Make ‘em now, and use ‘em again next year.

A great holiday decoration that you can make now, and reuse next Halloween.  Make guests feel special with this last-minute inspiration that adds a nice touch to store-bought napkins. 

Spooky Napkin Rings Halloween Project

Supplies needed:

To get started, use the cover button template to trace circle onto fabric; cut out.

Next you’ll center your button over the wrong side of the fabric, and secure the fabric into the teeth on all 4 sides.  HINT: there are 2 types of Dritz® cover buttons.  The type shown here has teeth and the application is just as shown (fabric into teeth).  The other type of Dritz® cover buttons does not have teeth and are applied using nest and pusher tools.  If that is the type of cover button you are using, see the cover button technique tutorial for additional application information.

With disappearing ink, draw pumpkin lines on your button as shown.  Then trace over them with an orange permanent marker.

Cut out pumpkin stem and top from green felt square and glue on with Liquid Stitch™ Original fabric glue.

With disappearing ink, draw face on pumpkin.  Trace over with black permanent marker.

Next, you’ll cut 5” of elastic, and stitch ends together with ¼” seam allowance.  See the elastic technique tutorial for additional information on finishing elastic.

To finish, you’ll turn seam allowance to the outside and hand sew the button to seam in elastic ring.

Save or download a PDF project tutorial here.

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