Skull T-shirt

October 18, 2012

The ultimate in easy handmade.

Here’s a pattern for making a safety pin skull on a T-shirt.  You’ll use bobbins for eyes.

Skull T-shirt Project

And if it’s a T-shirt you really love and want to wear post-Halloween, just remove the evidence. Genius.

Supplies needed:

Print PDF pattern and cover it with tissue paper, then transfer all of the dots to the tissue paper.  Position cardboard insert inside of T-shirt (so you don’t pin through both layers of your shirt).  Center tissue paper pattern on your T-shirt and insert safety pins at dots using print-out as a guide for pin direction and position.  Mark positions for bobbins with pins.  Tear the tissue paper away, and then sew bobbins at eye sockets and cross-bone ends.  Put on your shirt, and go outside and spook somebody.

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