Creepy Vase

October 17, 2012

Apply iron-on lettering to glass – who knew?

Take a basic vase and give it some Halloween personality with Dritz® flock iron-on letters.

Creepy Vase Project

Supplies needed:

For best results, you’ll peel the letters off of its paper backing one at a time, and iron them in place. Ironing make take a bit longer than packaging indicates, because of the glass surface.  Applying steady pressure for approximately 45 seconds worked for us!  Some other tips to make this project go smoothly:

  • Choose a chunky font – thick letters will peel off of the backing paper easier.
  • Choose a vase with a flat surface because it will be easier to iron on to.
  • A small craft iron or a mini iron will be easier to use than a full-size household iron.
  • You can use a pressing cloth if you have one handy.

We filled our vase with cheesecloth and dollar store spiders.  Get creative!  What else can you put in your vase? Candy. Halloween ribbon.  Marbles. Fall flowers.  Make it work!

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