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Inspiration: Best Refashioned T-Shirts

How to quickly & easily transform a basic T-shirt into a stylish top.

We’ve got the ideas – we know you’ve got the T-shirts! It’s time to transform some of those Ts that are hanging out in your stash. Or maybe you want to create an Athleta-type look for a fraction of the price? Either way, we’ve got the goods! Check out our best refashioned T-shirts and see how easy it is to make some.

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Refashioning: How to Make a T-shirt Quilt

Turn that stack of old T-shirts into something you love.

We all have them – piles of old T-shirts stashed in closets or drawers, saved with the hope that someday you’ll transform them into something special. Well here’s that something, and it’s something you’ve been wanting to make: a T-shirt quilt! See how Laura at Trash To Couture refashioned a stack of her husband’s sports Ts into a one-of-a-kind quilt that’s not only cozy, but packed with fond memories, too.

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Refashioning: Turn a Basic T-shirt into a Fabulous Bag

You’re looking at the perfect summer remix.

Bye-bye basic white T-shirt, hello sassy summer bag! That’s right, this fun tote started its life as a white T-shirt. Then we got our hands on it and injected some fun: we dyed it, we cut the sleeves off, we added some peek-a-boo holes. Ready to learn how to DIY this bag? It’s a super refashioning project!

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St. Patty’s Day Crafts: You Can’t Pinch This

Oh no you can’t.

Going out to celebrate on St. Patty’s Day? If you want to draw attention instead of pinches, this T-shirt will do the trick. It’s super easy to make. If you want the saying only, all you need is a green T-shirt plus Dritz iron-on lettering. If you’re ready to do a little sewing, add the optional fabric shamrock using the simple pattern included. Sham rockin’ indeed! 

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Sewing Ideas: Explaining Elastics

Product details plus inspiration for sewing, making and fun are HERE.

Okay, you’ve asked, and we’ve got some product information about the new Dritz® elastics to share here and now. There’s been a bit of social buzz about it – you want to sew with it, craft with it, and in general just get it in your hands, stat! Here you’ll find color charts for each of the new styles – fold-over (FOE) in solids and patterns, and ruffled – as well as some how-to sewing tips and inspirational ideas to get you started. Let’s talk DIY!   

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