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Sewing Essentials: 10+ Products You Need to Start Sewing

Check out these must-have sewing items & get ready to sew more this year.

If you want to start sewing, one of the first things you need to do is build your collection of sewing supplies. Before you begin shopping online, or navigating the sewing aisle of your favorite fabric retailer, it’s best to have a list in-hand. That’s where this blog post comes in. This compilation of essential Dritz® and Omnigrid® supplies includes all of the products you need to start sewing. Each product category links back to our websites so you can complete your research with packaging visuals, and even item numbers if you’re that detailed! Here’s to a 2017 filled with sewing success!

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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Pins, Snaps & More!

Brand new sewing goodies you need to know about.

It’s so much fun talking about new products! But it’s even more exciting to hear your reactions to them! We’ve been sharing information about our new Dritz® sewing items via our social media spaces this week, and your response has been super! We’ve got unique pins that are packed with function, storage tools to keep you organized, and fashion fasteners, too. Take a look!

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Halloween Crafts: Make a Frankenstein Treat Bag

Your little monster will love it.

Here’s an easy Halloween crafting project that you can quickly make with or for your kids. You’ll use an inexpensive store-bought bag, assorted felt pieces, our free pattern and some Dritz safety pins to craft this scary Frankenstein treat bag. Got 20 minutes?

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Sewing Supplies: Dritz Sew 101

The tools you need to begin building your sewing stash.

If you’re a beginning sewist, one of the most daunting tasks if often simply just knowing how to get started. The sewing department can be overwhelming – so many products, and so many choices! Which sewing supplies do you really need in your beginning basket, and why? We’ll show you. 

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Nothing Green to Wear for St. Patrick’s Day?

Design a quick and easy necklace with buttons and notions.

There’s always someone that just can’t resist catching you without your green on. Here’s a really quick and easy DIY necklace to keep you safe (and fabulous) all day! It’s so super easy, it just might be your lucky charm. Continue reading »