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New Product Alert: Clothing Care Solutions

New Dritz® items help with laundry, and clothing storage and organization

We all dread laundry, but it’s a necessity! So if there are products out there that make the tasks of laundering, pressing and storing clothes easier, you want to know about them, right? The newest Dritz® Clothing Care items provide some relief. Check out the latest additions to our range of clever clothing care products, and remember to look for them near the sewing department at fabric retail stores.

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New Dritz Clothing Care Items

Solutions for laundry, plus innovative clothing care and storage products.

Washing, sorting, pressing and storing clothing can be arduous tasks. Don’t you want to know about the innovative products to make these jobs easier? The Dritz® Clothing Care range is full of solutions for you! You’ll find clever care and repair tools, handy laundry aids, and unique ironing accessories. Who knew to look for these items in the sewing supplies department of your favorite fabric/crafts retailer?! Let us show you how to make clothing care more efficient – and even fun!

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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Peter Pan Collar

Rich & luxurious fabrics make this dynamite accessory!

And dynamite is right. Using a textural velvet or velveteen is the key to this project. So sophisticated. So savvy. You’ll learn how to use a Dritz needle board to iron the delicate fabric without compromising its texture. Sew one up today, and wear this lovely over the holidays!

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Sewing Tutorial: How to Use a Tailor’s Board

If you’re pressing points, seams or hard-to-reach edges, this board is for you.

Pressing is such an important part of successful sewing!  Without pressing, your sewing project can have puckered seams and lack that expert quality. The Dritz Tailor’s Board can be positioned in multiple ways to press points, seams and hard-to-get-at edges. This sewing tutorial shows you how!

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