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Sewing Tutorial: How to Make Floor Cushions with Handles

On-trend and absolutely fabulous.

So, for those of you who are Dritz Instagram fans, you’ll recognize these floor cushions. We featured them recently and, wow, the love! Since they were so popular, we want to give you the scoop on how to make them. Take a look and see how.

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DIY Home Projects: How to Install Dritz Faux Leather Handles

Tips & techniques for adding handles to various accessories.

Isn’t it great discovering items that can help you elevate your DIY creations? New Dritz Home faux leather handles are just that – thoughtful components that you can add to all kinds of accessories. Whether you want to add functioning handles to a box or drawer, or an eclectic decorator detail to a basket or tray, these faux handles fit the bill. Check out our tips and techniques for installing them – it’s easy! 

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Beginner Sewing: How to Make a Pillow Cover

You can make a great looking envelope pillow cover in 30 minutes or so.

Fact: there is no easier way to update your home than to put out a few new pillows. Worried about the cost? Don’t want to toss the pillows you already have? (They’re fine after all, just a bit dated…) We’ve got a solution for you: make your own pillow covers! This beginner sewing tutorial guides you through the process (quick and easy!). And we’ll tell you how much fabric you need for many common pillow sizes. Home refresh? Done and done.

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Sewing Tutorial: How to Make a Floor Pillow with Exposed Zipper

Dritz® cut-to-length brass zippers deliver the details.

Decorating with floor pillows is an easy way to update a space. And when you make them yourself, you control the pillow’s color, texture, size and details. We are really loving the look the Dritz® exposed zippers add to our pillows. That, combined with some eclectic fabrics, makes for some really fresh, really on-trend accessories. Stack them in any room, and voilà – it’s an instant home refresh!

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Sewing Technique Tutorial: How to Make Pillows without “Dog Ears”

Tips for making perfectly square pillows, sans floppy corners.

Perfect pillows are a lovely thing, and nothing is worse than going to the trouble of making your own pillow cover, just to discover it’s got “dog ears.” What do we mean by that exactly? Well “dog ears” are those annoying corners that flop over because your pillow form doesn’t fit perfectly into them. Luckily, we’ve got tips for that! With a few basic Dritz® sewing supplies, you can make perfectly square pillows – it’s all about how you cut your fabric.

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