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Work Space Essentials: Tips to Organize your Sewing Space

If you’ve resolved to start sewing, creating an organized space is key.

This time of year really is ideal for assessing goals and priorities, and determining how to get started. If beginning to sew is on your list, we’ve got some tips to set you up for success. You don’t have to have a dedicated room or tons of space, but you do need some work space essentials that will make your sewing more efficient, and more enjoyable. Speaking of which, sewing should be fun! It’s a hobby after all, so get started with a well situated sewing space. 

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Sewing Essentials: 10+ Products You Need to Start Sewing

Check out these must-have sewing items & get ready to sew more this year.

If you want to start sewing, one of the first things you need to do is build your collection of sewing supplies. Before you begin shopping online, or navigating the sewing aisle of your favorite fabric retailer, it’s best to have a list in-hand. That’s where this blog post comes in. This compilation of essential Dritz® and Omnigrid® supplies includes all of the products you need to start sewing. Each product category links back to our websites so you can complete your research with packaging visuals, and even item numbers if you’re that detailed! Here’s to a 2017 filled with sewing success!

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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Pins, Snaps & More!

Brand new sewing goodies you need to know about.

It’s so much fun talking about new products! But it’s even more exciting to hear your reactions to them! We’ve been sharing information about our new Dritz® sewing items via our social media spaces this week, and your response has been super! We’ve got unique pins that are packed with function, storage tools to keep you organized, and fashion fasteners, too. Take a look!

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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Needle Book for Sewing Supplies

Stitch on-the-go & in style!

Organize and keep your hand-sewing tools accessible with this cute needle book. Featuring a designated spot for needles and a pocket for threads and thimbles, this needle book also has a special place for scissors and a pen. This needle book also makes a great gift for a beginning sewist. Fill it with notions, and they’ll be set to go. So cute!

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Sewing Tutorial: How to Use the LED Needle Threader

Your options for threading a sewing needle have never looked brighter.

If you’re a sewist or a quilter, threading hand sewing needles just goes with the territory. Unfortunately, this task can sometimes be frustrating. Depending on the type of needle you’re threading, its eye can be small and difficult to see. The good news is, we’ve got a new Dritz® LED needle threader that’s brighter than ever. Literally. Keep reading and find out how this innovative tool is a real problem-solver. 

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