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Inspiration: Creative Uses for Dritz Elastics

PJ bottoms, doll clothes & accessories – oh my!

‘Tis the season for crafting with Dritz® elastics! There are a couple of elastic styles that are just perfect for the kinds of sewing projects you might be making right now. Elastic waist PJ bottoms for Christmas morning? Check. Fold-over elastic for doll clothes? Yes. Metallics for elastic-waist party skirts? You got it. Continue reading and learn more about the elastics you need for holiday sewing.

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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Tablet Case

Gotta keep that device secure & lookin’ good!

Jazz up your tablet storage with this fun and easy tutorial. This sewing project is a good one, because let’s face it, devices are a part of our life! So why not make sure they’re protected, secure and looking fantastic? Give yours a personality all its own by choosing fabrics that are special to you. Finish it off with a Dritz® screw-together grommet for a truly professional look. 

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Sewing Tutorial: Make an Arm-band Phone Pouch

Resolve to sew & get in shape, too – bonus!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to exercise more? Do you want to sew more, too? This quick and easy project is exactly what you need! This arm-band phone pouch keeps your phone handy and your hands free. It’s perfect for listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks as you exercise. The front pocket is the perfect size for holding a debit card or cash in case you need to grab a coffee while you’re out and about. The Dritz® soft waistband elastic makes a perfectly comfortable arm band, keeping your pouch in place while you’re kickin’ it.

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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Device Pouch

Now that’s off the hook.

Here’s a clever project that gives you a bit of back-to-school cool – they’re easy-sew device pouches. No longer will your phone be lost at the bottom of your bag; the swivel hook hardware attaches nicely to loops or other bag hardware to keep devices handy. And what about that fold-over elastic? For this project, you’ll use it to encase raw fabric edges. It provides a colorful detail and function at the same time. And we like materials that look good, and serve a purpose, too!

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Sewing Tutorial: How to Sew Yo-yos and Cover Buttons

Easy sewing techniques that yield dynamite results are good to know.

The lazy hazy days of summer are upon us, and with them comes the opportunity to get some simple sewing projects slated.  Do you have a pile of fabric scraps screaming to be used? What about an accessory or favorite garment that needs a little refreshing? Here’s an idea for you: make some fabric yo-yos and cover buttons and add a touch of DIY to summer!

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