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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fabric Easter Basket

Dritz® supplies + your sweet fabric = one super cute basket.

This cute-as-can-be fabric basket is easy to sew, and fun to fill with Easter treats and goodies. Perfect for kids and adults, too, this is a basket you can use year-round in your sewing room, bedroom or kitchen to store all kinds of things. Best yet, all you need to make it are two fat quarters and a length of belting. Finish it off with Dritz® cover buttons for added detail. 

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Easy Crafts: Make a Magnetic Message Board

Cover button magnets keep daily reminders organized (& cute!).

Looking for a way to stay organized? Need to keep kids’ school activities and schedules front and center? A magnetic message board is just what you need! This DIY craft project is fantastic for a few different reasons. The board itself is pretty clever (can you say painted pizza pan?), and the easy-to-make magnetic cover buttons use your favorite scrap fabrics. Best yet? You won’t miss this week’s soccer practice.

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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Bolster Pillow

DIY pillows with decorator looks.

Bolster pillows add a decorator’s touch to your home decor and are easy to make. You’ll use Dritz® cover buttons to add polish and a pop of color; other basic sewing supplies like waxed thread and decorator’s needles make the buttons easy to apply. Bolster pillows provide lower back support and look pretty in any fabric. They really are a great way  to freshen up or update any room in your home. 

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Easy Crafts: Make a Personalized Wreath

Great for celebrating any season, occasion or holiday!

And just like that, spring is on its way! To celebrate the bit of sunshine that’s finally peeping out, we made this cheery spring wreath. It’s super easy to DIY, and can be personalized in so many ways! We used dyed Dritz® cheesecloth to wrap the foam wreath, and then customized it with a banner celebrating “March” and an assortment of colorful cover buttons. Make this yours by choosing favorite banner and button fabrics, a different color of dyed cheesecloth, and the message of your choice for the banner. See how!

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Sewing Tutorial: Make Embroidered Cover Buttons

Fast, fun and fabulous.

Want to quickly update a jacket, top or accessory? Think about changing out the buttons. Cover buttons are a clever solution, because you can choose pretty much any fabric print or color. Here we’ve taken basic fabric covered buttons and enhanced them with embroidery. So although fabric covered buttons are pretty cool, embroidered cover buttons have additional textural interest. Fun, huh?

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