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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: 96 Brand New Items for Sewing & DIY

Yes, that is correct – we’ve got 96 brand new sewing items for you.

We heard you like to make bags. Lots of bags. We also heard you need more hardware options for those bags. In addition to expanding our color collections, we’re offering clever new hardware styles, like tassel caps and triangle rings. Basic sewing supplies have been added too: we’ve got a new needle threader, seam ripper and bobbins. With 96 new items to choose from, we’re quite certain there will be something you’ll need. Take a look!

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Easy Crafts: Make a Personalized Wreath

Great for celebrating any season, occasion or holiday!

And just like that, spring is on its way! To celebrate the bit of sunshine that’s finally peeping out, we made this cheery spring wreath. It’s super easy to DIY, and can be personalized in so many ways! We used dyed Dritz® cheesecloth to wrap the foam wreath, and then customized it with a banner celebrating “March” and an assortment of colorful cover buttons. Make this yours by choosing favorite banner and button fabrics, a different color of dyed cheesecloth, and the message of your choice for the banner. See how!

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Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat

A spooky addition to your holiday party or decorating.

Are you still adding the finishing touches to your Halloween porch? We love this cheesecloth bat! It’s easy to DIY with Dritz cheesecloth and Dylon® fabric dye. This little guy also loves to party! Make a few and hang them throughout your home – guests will love.

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Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Mummy Pillow

Holiday fun that’s a wrap.

Add a hint of Halloween to your front porch with this easy craft project – it’s a mummy pillow made with Dritz cheesecloth. Super simple to make, you’re basically wrapping a pillow form with cheesecloth and adding eyes. Throw it atop other pillows you’ve already got on your porch swing, and Halloween has arrived!

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Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Wreath

Just wrap & hang – it IS that easy!

Gotta love craft projects that barely warrant instructions! Just take a look at our finished cheesecloth wreath and you can see how easy it is to make. The base is a foam wreath, which we wrapped in cheesecloth. Fray the edges with that favorite sewing supply of yours, the seam ripper. Embellish it with store-bought critters and other Halloween decorations. We had extra time and cheesecloth, so we took it up a notch and draped the front porch, too. Want to see? It’s spooky cute … 

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