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From Sew4Home: Ribbon Belts with Dritz Belt Buckles

Great to give, or to keep and wear!

If you’re searching for a belt in the perfect color or pattern, here’s a solution for you: make one! This quick and easy sewing tutorial from one of our favorite educational resources – Sew4Home™ – shows you how to make custom belts in a flash using Dritz® hardware and belting, plus the ribbon of your choice. Get in a groove, and make more than one – they also make fantastic gifts, especially if you personalize them for that special someone by using ribbon in favorite colors, patterns or motifs. 

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Sewing Tutorial: Easy DIY Ribbon Belts

Fun to make & even more fun to wear.

Spring is around the corner, and with that comes the urge to add a splash of color to outfits. Want a simple way to do it? How about making an easy-sew DIY ribbon belt (or two)? These gems use the grosgrain ribbon of your choice, plus some key Dritz® belt hardware. Choose ribbon in bright stripes or bold solids, and finish them with fashion belt buckles and belt tips. Sturdy Dritz® polypro belting works behind the scenes to add strength and structure.

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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tab Closures

Decorative or functional – super fashionable, either way!

Don’t you love these new Dritz® tab closures? You can use them on a variety of hand-sewn garments and accessories (think bags, dresses, capes and skirts). And if you have a store-bought item that needs some extra detail, these closures do the trick. Isn’t modern sewing great? So many options to make your creations fabulous!

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Sewing Tutorial: DIY Elastic Belts

You look fantastic.

Have you checked out the huge selection of Dritz elastics and buckles in the sewing department? If not, put that on your to-do list next time you’re at the fabric store – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Perfect for summer, you’ll find bright polka dots, stripes and animal prints, not to mention a wide variety of colorful solids. And don’t forget the buckles – they’re pretty cool, too. These belts are super easy to make – a great idea to combat the summer doldrums and add a great pop of color to your wardrobe at the same time. Dritz elastic – what’s your flavor? 

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New Dritz Sewing Items

A big dose of awesome to kick-start your spring sewing.

Need some colorful new elastic to add fashion and function to your DIY projects? Check. How about some new buckles or snaps to jazz up your latest garment or accessory? Check, check.  Whether you’re sewing for yourself, your home, or your little ones, you’ll love the new Dritz® notions that make your job easier, more fashionable and most importantly – more fun!   

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