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Sewing Tutorial: DIY Fanny Pack

It’s a clear winner.

Are you a fan of the fanny? We are! Learn how to make one with updated materials like Dritz racer stripe belting and a parachute buckle fastener. Couple these bag making supplies with transparent vinyl, and simple sewing techniques and you’ll be wearing one in no time. Hands-free convenience for sporting events, concerts and just plain fun!

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From Sew4Home: Ribbon Belts with Dritz Belt Buckles

Great to give, or to keep and wear!

If you’re searching for a belt in the perfect color or pattern, here’s a solution for you: make one! This quick and easy sewing tutorial from one of our favorite educational resources – Sew4Home™ – shows you how to make custom belts in a flash using Dritz® hardware and belting, plus the ribbon of your choice. Get in a groove, and make more than one – they also make fantastic gifts, especially if you personalize them for that special someone by using ribbon in favorite colors, patterns or motifs. 

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Sewing Tutorial: Easy DIY Ribbon Belts

Fun to make & even more fun to wear.

Spring is around the corner, and with that comes the urge to add a splash of color to outfits. Want a simple way to do it? How about making an easy-sew DIY ribbon belt (or two)? These gems use the grosgrain ribbon of your choice, plus some key Dritz® belt hardware. Choose ribbon in bright stripes or bold solids, and finish them with fashion belt buckles and belt tips. Sturdy Dritz® polypro belting works behind the scenes to add strength and structure.

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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tab Closures

Decorative or functional – super fashionable, either way!

Don’t you love these new Dritz® tab closures? You can use them on a variety of hand-sewn garments and accessories (think bags, dresses, capes and skirts). And if you have a store-bought item that needs some extra detail, these closures do the trick. Isn’t modern sewing great? So many options to make your creations fabulous!

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Sewing Tutorial: DIY Elastic Belts

You look fantastic.

Have you checked out the huge selection of Dritz elastics and buckles in the sewing department? If not, put that on your to-do list next time you’re at the fabric store – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Perfect for summer, you’ll find bright polka dots, stripes and animal prints, not to mention a wide variety of colorful solids. And don’t forget the buckles – they’re pretty cool, too. These belts are super easy to make – a great idea to combat the summer doldrums and add a great pop of color to your wardrobe at the same time. Dritz elastic – what’s your flavor? 

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