Sewing Tutorial: How to Sew Yo-yos and Cover Buttons

Easy sewing techniques that yield dynamite results are good to know.

The lazy hazy days of summer are upon us, and with them comes the opportunity to get some simple sewing projects slated.  Do you have a pile of fabric scraps screaming to be used? What about an accessory or favorite garment that needs a little refreshing? Here’s an idea for you: make some fabric yo-yos and cover buttons and add a touch of DIY to summer!

Sewing Tutorial: How to Sew Fabric Yo-yos and cover Buttons

One of our craft designers stitched up this easy-to-sew iPad case, but when she was finished with it, she decided it needed some extra zip.  Enter yo-yos and cover buttons!  So grab your fabric stash, and get started! Use them on clothing, bags, headbands, kids’ stuff and more.  If you want to make the iPad case as shown, you’ll find the sewing tutorial here.

Supplies needed for yo-yos and cover buttons:

  • Your fabric stash
  • Dritz® cover buttons, sizes ½”, 5/8”, ¾”, 1-1/2”
  • Dritz® cover button templates
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pencil
  • Needle & thread
  • Printer & paper

Sewing Tutorial: How to Sew Fabric Yo-yos and Cover Buttons

First you’ll need to print and cut out the yo-yo templates on the last page of this tutorial. Hint: the templates are basically circles that are two times the diameter of the finished yo-yo (example: 6” diameter circle = 3” yo-yo).

Trace template onto fabric, and cut out the circle.

Sewing Tutorial: How to Sew Fabric Yo-yos and Cover Buttons

Fold in the edge of your cut circle ¼” and stitch. Some stitching hints: long stitches will create a tighter center with a more pleated look. Short stitches will create a looser and more open center with a soft, floral look.

Sewing Tutorial: How to Sew Fabric Yo-yos and Cover Buttons

Gently pull your thread until the center is gathered; tie it and press the yo-yo flat.

Sewing Tutorial: How to Sew Fabric Yo-yos and Cover Buttons

Make cover buttons following the guidelines here. Sew finished covered buttons into the centers of your yo-yos.

For a complete overview of the different styles of Dritz cover buttons that are available and guidelines for using each style, look here.

What will you be adorning with your finished yo-yos and cover buttons? Would love to
hear about your sewing projects – give us a shout below and tell us how your
summer garden of yo-yos and cover buttons is blooming!

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