Inspiration: Dritz Labels for Handmade Items

Celebrate your craftsmanship.

Use Dritz® labels to take your handmade items to the next level. You can show off your maker skills and celebrate handmade by adding leather or metal labels to bags, totes, pouches, baskets and more. The labels are easy to apply, and lend a professional finish to your special items. Take a look at the styles available and pick up some quick application tips.

Inspiration: Use New Dritz Labels on Handmade Items

New Dritz Leather Labels for Handmade Items

Take a look at a few of the Dritz® leather labels. There are six different styles; each style has a different word or phrase stamped on it. Each package contains one label.

New Dritz Metal Labels for Handmade Items

Here are the metal labels. These feature either a matte silver or gold finish. They are packaged in 2-piece or 4-piece sets. 

Check out all of the labels and begin planning how you will use them.

Use Dritz Leather and Metal Labels on Handmade Items

The labels are easy to attach – just choose a coordinating thread or floss and hand stitch them in place on your project. A few stitches through each hole is all that is required!

In most cases, when you’re applying the labels with thread or floss you can attach the labels after your project is complete.

Dritz Leather and Metal Labels for Handmade Items

The leather labels can also be attached with Dritz® rivets and hand tools. This is a fun option because the rivets lend an industrial edge to your projects, and the rivets can be coordinated with other Dritz® hardware that you might be using with your projects.

Keep in mind that if you’re using rivets to attach a leather label, the material of your project must be flat when you apply the rivets. Therefore, it may be easiest to attach the label before the project is completed.

How to Attach Dritz Leather Labels to Project with Rivets

If you do decide to go the route of using rivets, here’s how to apply them:

1) Mark the position for the label with a marking pen.

How to Attach Dritz Leather Labels to Project with Rivets

2) Using the hole punch from the double-cap rivets tool set, cut a hole in the project at each mark.

Note: Be sure to work on a hard protected surface when cutting rivet holes.

How to Attach Dritz Leather Labels to Project with Rivets

3) Place rivet posts through the holes in the label and through the holes in the fabric.

How to Attach Dritz Leather Labels to Project with Rivets

4) Attach the caps, and hammer rivets in place with setting tool and a rubber mallet. You’re done!

For more detailed tips on applying leather labels with rivets, check out this illustrated PDF.

Dritz Leather and Metal Labels for Handmade Items

Are you ready to celebrate handmade? Whether you make for yourself, family/friends, or for sale, we think these labels are great fun!

After all, if your project is one-of-a-kind, why not proclaim it?!

Leave us a comment and tell us how you will use our new Dritz® leather and metal labels. We’d love to hear from you, and to learn more about what you’re making.

Interested in the pouches shown in this blog? Visit Jennifer Mathis at Ellison Lane – she’s a regular contributor to our blog, and a talented maker, too!


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