New Dritz Labels for DIY Jewelry, Accessories & More

Give your original creations the credit they deserve. 

How will you use our new Dritz® labels for handmade items? The ideas really are endless. Our design team has had a blast applying them to new sewing and DIY projects. They’ve also gone back and added them to favorite handmade items that they want to claim as “original.” Take a look and get inspired.

New Dritz Labels for DIY Jewelry, Accessories & Things Handmade

Dritz Labels for Handmade Items: Genuine Leather & Metal Styles

First of all, what are these labels? They’re brand new Dritz® sewing items (meaning you’ll find them in the sewing department).

They are available in genuine leather and metal (matte gold and silver finishes). Check them out. Cute or what?

Dritz Labels for Handmade Items: Genuine Leather & Metal Styles

Next question: how do you apply them? Glad you asked! The leather and metal labels can be applied with thread or embroidery floss. Have fun with your stitches – we did!

The leather labels can also be applied using Dritz® double-cap rivets and hand tools.  

Dritz Leather & Metal Labels are Perfect for DIY Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry fanatic? Here we used the double-cap rivets and Dritz® brown cotton belting to make a simple cuff.

The metal labels really give easy macramé bracelets a pro finish.

Dritz Labels are Perfect for DIY Espadrilles & Other Accessories

If you’re one of our Dritz® Espadrilles fans, why not add a handmade call-out to your one-of-a-kind kicks? Easy, peasy, just stitch a label anywhere onto your shoe!

Dritz Labels are Perfect for DIY Fobs  & Other Accessories

Makers will also love the labels. Whether you make to keep or sell, use the cute labels to celebrate your craftsmanship. They’re perfect for key fobs and other accessories.


Dritz Handmade Label Applied to a DIY Pin Cushion

Let’s not forget about clever creations and gifts – they’re PERFECT candidates for labeling “handmade.”

Dritz Handmade Labels Applied to DIY Bags & Totes

It goes without saying that bags and totes beg for these labels. The newest designer brand? It’s YOU! Have fun mixing and matching them with all the great Dritz® bag hardware that’s out there.

Are you inspired? C’mon – go claim those handmade goodies!


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