30 Days, 30 Notions: Tape Measure

Celebrate National Sewing Month.

Meet the tape measure! It’s pretty much a necessity in any sewing basket – heck, you’ll even find tape measures in some unexpected places like your glove box, your purse or your junk drawer. To say they come in handy is an understatement!  You’ll use them for measuring your body, fabric, pieces of furniture – you name it! Got one? How about three? 

30 Days, 30 Notions: Celebrate National Sewing Month with Dritz

While you use tape measures for a wide variety of things, Dritz tape measures are designed specifically for creative endeavors – think sewing, quilting, crafting. There are many types of tape measures, so make sure you pick the right one for the job at hand. The tape’s markings might include yardage (for fabric) and its length may vary depending upon whether you’re using it for garment fitting or home decorating. Want to know more? Check out our recent blog post loaded with tape measure tips.

To learn more about National Sewing Month click here and make something great today!


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