30 Days, 30 Notions: Sewing Gauge

Celebrate National Sewing Month.

Meet the sewing gauge! Some sewists say that the sewing gauge is one of their favorite tools.  Taking quick consistent measurements is a necessary part of many sewing projects, and the sewing gauge is up for the task. Its got a sliding marker that can be moved and will stay in place for repeated marking. You’ll be surprised at all the ways you’ll use this guy!

30 Days, 30 Notions: Celebrate National Sewing Month with Dritz

Sewing gauge, how will I use thee? Let’s count the ways:

  • To measure and mark hems.
  • To mark seam allowances and hems on pattern alterations and designs.
  • To mark buttonhole spacing and length.
  • To evenly space tucks and pleats.
  • To draw scallops and circles.

Wow! Don’t you agree that this is one handy little tool?

Follow along with us for the rest of the month as we introduce you to a new Dritz sewing notion every day in September. Want to learn more about National Sewing Month? Click here. Happy sewing!



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