30 Days, 30 Notions: Point Turner

Celebrate National Sewing Month.

I’m a point turner! I’m a lightweight tool that’s used to turn points, crease seams and remove basting stitches. Pretty versatile, huh? 

30 Days, 30 Notions: Celebrate National Sewing Month with Dritz

How will you use me?

  • To turn points: on collars, lapels, pockets, belts, ties, pillows. Trim seams and turn to right side. Use pointed end of tool to gently push corners out. Perfect points!
  • To crease seams: use curved edge of tool to open up seam; press. Continue sliding tool down seam and pressing until entire seam is open and flat.
  • To remove basting stitches: clip threads at close intervals along stitching. Place pointed end of tool under basting stitches and pull away from fabric to remove threads.

Follow along with us and learn about a new Dritz notion each day in September. Happy National Sewing Month! 

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