30 Days, 30 Notions: Liquid Stitch

Celebrate National Sewing Month.

I’m Liquid Stitch! And even though sewing is a great thing, sometimes you need a no-sew solution (that’s where I come in!). Liquid Stitch original formula fabric glue lets you achieve “stitchless sewing.” Apply it to fabric for quick hems, or to adhere patches and other embellishments. Have you met the newest members of the Liquid Stitch family? If not, read on to find out who they are and how they can help you out!

30 Days, 30 Notions: Celebrate National Sewing Month with Dritz

Meet the Liquid Stitch family of fabric glues:

  • Liquid Stitch original formula: permanent, clear drying adhesive. It’s a good all-purpose fabric glue.
  • Liquid Stitch iron-on instant bond glue: this glue is ideal for quickly finishing no-sew projects because there is no drying time. You simply apply the heat of an iron for an instant bond. Perfect for quick patches, hems, refashioning and home projects.
  • Liquid Stitch fabric mender: this glue repairs most fabrics. It mends rips, tears and holes.
  • Liquid Stitch dry cleanable: permanent, clear drying adhesive that can be dry cleaned. Ideal for home projects (such as curtains).

Celebrate National Sewing Month with us. Meet a new Dritz sewing notion here on our blog each day in September. Your knowledge of the basic sewing supplies will be better than ever!


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