30 Days, 30 Notions: Awl

Celebrate National Sewing Month.

Meet the awl! Very simply put, the awl makes holes.  Yup, it’s a pointed tool
that just pushes material to one side without removing it, which leaves a hole.
Why, might you ask, would you want to purposely make a hole in your material?
Well friends, read on to find out when an awl comes in handy.

30 Days, 30 Notions: Celebrate National Sewing Month with Dritz

If you’re making embroidered eyelets, you’ll need an awl. Here’s how: after marking the position of your hole on the fabric, gently push the awl through the fabric to open the threads. (Large eyelet? Sew a short running stitch around the marked position – then insert the awl through the center.) Next sew a blanket or buttonhole stitch around the hole. Remember to work one eyelet at a time. You can insert the awl again at any time to round off the hole. Nice work! 

Other uses for an awl would be to open a hole to insert a grommet or lacing in to; the awl basically “prepares” your material for the desired technique or process. Makes sense, right?

One last note about the Dritz awl: don’t get it confused with a sewing or stitching awl, which has an eye and is actually used as a method of sewing (it’s a different tool altogether).

Do you feel better informed about the awl? Hope so! Let us know how you’re liking “30 Days, 30 Notions” and if you’re picking up some good bits of information! We’d love to hear from you.


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