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Dritz Bag Hardware: Best Bag-Making Parts in Five Finishes

Your bag making is looking REALLY good.

Bag makers, we’ve got something you’re going to love! Check out the coordinating collections of Dritz® bag hardware: your favorite hardware pieces, available in five fashion finishes. We’ve expanded our color collections – discover brand new finishes such as copper and gunmetal. Within each collection, you’ll find the essential bag making parts: swivel hooks, slide adjusters, rings and more. Everything coordinates; everything works together. Oh, happy day! 

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Sewing Essentials: 10+ Products You Need to Start Sewing

Check out these must-have sewing items & get ready to sew more this year.

If you want to start sewing, one of the first things you need to do is build your collection of sewing supplies. Before you begin shopping online, or navigating the sewing aisle of your favorite fabric retailer, it’s best to have a list in-hand. That’s where this blog post comes in. This compilation of essential Dritz® and Omnigrid® supplies includes all of the products you need to start sewing. Each product category links back to our websites so you can complete your research with packaging visuals, and even item numbers if you’re that detailed! Here’s to a 2017 filled with sewing success!

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Inspiration: Creative Uses for Dritz Elastics

PJ bottoms, doll clothes & accessories – oh my!

‘Tis the season for crafting with Dritz® elastics! There are a couple of elastic styles that are just perfect for the kinds of sewing projects you might be making right now. Elastic waist PJ bottoms for Christmas morning? Check. Fold-over elastic for doll clothes? Yes. Metallics for elastic-waist party skirts? You got it. Continue reading and learn more about the elastics you need for holiday sewing.

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Dritz Iron-On Shirring Tape: Make Soft, No-Sew Pleats

Fabulous for making pillows, skirted storage, DIY curtains & more.

Oh, are you in for a treat. Our new Dritz® iron-on shirring tape has really been a hit on social media. Why? Because it’s a really cool product that’s fairly undiscovered. It’s super easy to use, and lets you make soft pleats on fabric panels with no sewing required. You can use it to make accessories, table/shelf/sink skirts, DIY curtains and more. See how!

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Sewing Pattern Love: Banded Beauty / Indygo Junction

Three modern takes on the classic headband.

What’s great about attending Quilt Market? Meeting with industry friends and discovering sewing patterns like this one! The folks at Indygo Junction are always putting out fabulous on-trend patterns, and the Banded Beauty is no exception! Headbands are fun and easy to sew, plus they’re a great way to show off favorite fabrics. You’ll use a variety of Dritz® elastics to create three different looks. 

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Dritz Espadrilles: Wedges Three Ways

Fun summer sewing with design options galore.

Espadrilles: we just can’t get enough of them at the moment! They are the quintessential summer shoe, and when you can make your own, they’re better than ever. We’re having fun with a variety of looks using our new Dritz® Espadrilles wedge soles. Check ’em out!

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Sewing Pattern Love: Sidekick Skirt / Indygo Junction

Your wardrobe is begging for this skirt.

Can we just come out and say it? We’re in love. No doubt about it. Meet the object of our affection: the Sidekick Skirt from Indygo Junction. And just why have we fallen head over heels? First, because it’s got a great personality – it’s fun, it’s flirty. Second, it’s versatile – wear it long or short, all year-round. Third, well, we really dig how the Dritz® hardware is used to fasten the skirt, and the variety of finishing options that the skirt has. Check it out! 

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DIY Home Decorating: Must-Have Curtain-Making Products

We guarantee you’ll be thrilled.

And maybe you’ll be surprised, too. Why? Because there are so many great Dritz® products for DIY curtain making, it’s hard to be aware of them all. So let us introduce you to a few of our favorites. They’re clever. They’re unique. And once you start using them, you’ll discover they’re indispensable, too. DIY curtains have never been easier, or looked so good!

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Dritz Espadrilles: New Sewing Patterns for Peep Toe Flats & Wedges

Pretty in peeps!

It’s the ultimate summer shoe – and now you’ve got more design options for making your own pair of Dritz® Espadrilles. First, let’s talk about the jute soles. Did you know the adult shoe sizes come in both flats and wedges? And here’s another option for you: we’ve got sewing patterns for both standard, closed-toe espadrilles and new peep toe styles. Now that’s what we call steppin’ out in style!

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Bag Hardware: How to Apply Decorative Grommets

DIY projects are top-notch when finished with professional hardware.

Nothing says fabulous like a hand-made bag that is finished with professional quality hardware – and your choices just keep getting better! New Dritz® grommets have two heavy duty pieces that screw together, providing straps, belting and elastic with a functional – and really nice looking – opening to pass through. Let’s see how these work! 

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