News: Find Dritz Sewing on Facebook

Better late than never, right?

Finally, we’ve arrived at the party!! We’re super excited to announce that you can now find Dritz® Sewing on Facebook. Hooray!! Our page will be packed with a lot of the same types of inspiration and education that you find here, plus it’ll be the place we share videos and updates when we’re out and about. If you spend a lot of time hanging out on Facebook, it will now be easier than ever for you to get your daily dose of Dritz® – follow our page and you won’t miss a thing.

Announcement: Find Dritz Sewing on Facebook

Follow Dritz Sewing on Facebook for Sewing Inspiration & Product Information

Want to know exactly what to expect? Take a look! This is the type of content you’ll find:

  • DIY projects for you & yours;
  • Sewing tutorials, and product tips & tricks;
  • Videos and live updates;
  • News and real-time info about what’s going on with all things Dritz®!

Announcement: Find Dritz Sewing on Facebook

Take us everywhere! Follow along and whenever, wherever you’re on Facebook, Dritz® will be easy to access and contact.

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Is Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter your thing? We share inspiration there, too. You can get Dritz® news in whichever social space is your fave. Be sure to give them all a look and follow.

Connect with us and stay informed! We love the instant access that social media gives us to you! We encourage comments and questions, and are truly interested to see what you’re making with Dritz®. Be in touch!


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