Dritz® at New York Comic Con

Cosplay off the hook.

So, this was a lot of fun. Hard work; crazy; but fun! For those of you who follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you know that in October, Dritz® attended the New York Comic Con (NYCC) show. We had a great response to the images we’ve already shared – seems that y’all were a bit surprised to see us at NYCC, and that you loved our look! We went with a steampunk theme for our booth, and made a whole bunch of garments and accessories using our Dritz® construction and hardware items. See what we made and how.

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Celebrating Handmade at the Indie Craft Parade

It’s one of our favorite maker events!

Typically our team attends the Indie Craft Parade as guests – it’s in own backyard after all, in beautiful downtown Greenville, South Carolina. It’s a weekend event packed with makers selling their creative wares, and plenty of inspiration. It’s always fantastic to see how makers use Dritz® products to craft handmade items such as garments and bags loaded with hardware, or costumes and headbands that use our elastic. This year we took it up a notch, and had our very own Dritz® booth at the VIP gala, which is the event’s kick-off party. What fun!

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News: Find Dritz Sewing on Facebook

Better late than never, right?

Finally, we’ve arrived at the party!! We’re super excited to announce that you can now find Dritz® Sewing on Facebook. Hooray!! Our page will be packed with a lot of the same types of inspiration and education that you find here, plus it’ll be the place we share videos and updates when we’re out and about. If you spend a lot of time hanging out on Facebook, it will now be easier than ever for you to get your daily dose of Dritz® – follow our page and you won’t miss a thing.

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Road Trip: Missouri Star Quilt Company

A quilter’s paradise in Hamilton, Missouri.

If you’re a quilter with a bucket list, make sure that this is on it: a visit to the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Our team recently traveled to Hamilton, Missouri, to participate in an inaugural educational event including our Omnigrid® rulers. What they discovered was pretty unique. It wasn’t simply a company. It wasn’t just a store. Hamilton is an entire town pretty much dedicated to all things quilting. Paradise, right? Take a look.  
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Wow! Omnigrid Quilting has its own YouTube Channel

New product videos SHOW you how to use Omnigrid® products.

Everybody loves videos. After all, it’s so much easier to SEE how something is done, than to read about it and figure it out. (That’s our position anyway!). Check out the new Omnigrid® Quilting YouTube channel and see a variety of quilting rulers, marking tools and a rotary cutter in use.

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Sewing Event Love: Sew South Retreat

Gather, sew & commune with fellow creatives.

Looking for a way to expand your sewing skills in an environment that’s simultaneously energetic and therapeutic? You’ll want to check out Sew South Retreats! We’ll let Jennifer Mathis, the retreat’s founder, tell you exactly what Sew South is all about. Here goes … 

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Exciting! Check Out the New Dritz YouTube Channel

New product videos SHOW you how to use Dritz® products.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you know how valuable a video is! That’s why we’re super excited to announce our Dritz® YouTube channel – it’s got 35 new Dritz® sewing product videos showing our products in action. We’re addressing some of your most common product questions, and providing in-depth information on our newest product launch, Dritz® Espadrilles. Take a look and see how to DIY with Dritz®!

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Vintage Made Modern Blog Tour

Make this perfect purse using Amy Barickman’s lovely new fabrics.

We’re celebrating National Sewing Month in a big way – with Amy Barickman / Indygo Junction and the fabulous new fabric line: Vintage Made Modern Centennial Celebration. For starters, we’re today’s stop on Amy’s blog tour. We’re really happy with the purse we made using her fabrics – the only problem we had is choosing which prints to use! Check out our full sewing tutorial to see how it’s done, and for more details about the fabrics.

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Dritz Espadrilles: Monograms & More from

Wow. Can you say creative?

Our friends at Sew4Home™ have done it again. They got super creative with our new Dritz® Espadrilles and the shoes they made are simply fabulous. Monograms. Removable ankle ties. Embroidery. Clever fashions for both adults and kids. Wow! Check out their full tutorial to see exactly how they did it, and get inspired to make some fantastic kicks of your own.

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Dritz Espadrilles: The Product Scoop

Learn how the Dritz Espadrilles products work.

Okay fashionistas, you’re in LOVE with espadrilles, right? They’re everywhere from runways to beach shops, but guess what? The new collection of Dritz® Espadrilles products lets you make your own pair of these chic, yet casual, kicks in just about two hours. Yes, DIY shoemaking it is! Learn more about the products for sewing your own espadrilles: we’ve got the essential jute soles, a super selection of fabrics, plus a few well curated sewing supplies that are necessary for sewing espadrilles. Yay, summer sewing!

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