Halloween Crafts: Make a Candy Corn Trick-or-Treat Bag

It’s a must for Halloween night.

Yes, you still have time to make this. It’s a cute bag you can craft quickly using Dritz iron-on letters and Dylon® fabric dye. Your kids will have fun stuffing it with goodies, and they can even use it after Halloween is over. Sweet times ahead!

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Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat

A spooky addition to your holiday party or decorating.

Are you still adding the finishing touches to your Halloween porch? We love this cheesecloth bat! It’s easy to DIY with Dritz cheesecloth and Dylon® fabric dye. This little guy also loves to party! Make a few and hang them throughout your home – guests will love.

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Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Mummy Pillow

Holiday fun that’s a wrap.

Add a hint of Halloween to your front porch with this easy craft project – it’s a mummy pillow made with Dritz cheesecloth. Super simple to make, you’re basically wrapping a pillow form with cheesecloth and adding eyes. Throw it atop other pillows you’ve already got on your porch swing, and Halloween has arrived!

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Halloween Crafts: Make a Frankenstein Treat Bag

Your little monster will love it.

Here’s an easy Halloween crafting project that you can quickly make with or for your kids. You’ll use an inexpensive store-bought bag, assorted felt pieces, our free pattern and some Dritz safety pins to craft this scary Frankenstein treat bag. Got 20 minutes?

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Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-sew Bee Costume

Be the buzz.

Are you looking for Halloween costume ideas for kids? Here’s an easy-sew bee that your little one will want to wear well after the trick-or-treating is over. You’ll sew some Dritz ruffled elastic onto a basic t-shirt and watch your bee come to life. Pipe cleaners and pom-poms become antennae, and store-bought wings finish off the look. So if you’re into DIY Halloween costumes, add this one to the list. 

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