Undergarments for Prom, Weddings & Summer Dresses

No more fashion emergencies or wardrobe malfunctions!

Think that the sewing supplies department is an unlikely place to find a super selection of lingerie products like bra straps, cups and tapes? It may be – but it is in fact a great destination for a variety of undergarment solutions. With occasions like prom and warm-weather weddings on the horizon, be sure to plan your undergarments strategy ahead of time. You want to be comfortable and secure, right? Visit the sewing department and check out all the options that are available from Dritz® – you’ll be so glad you did!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms who Sew

Mark your calendars: Mother’s Day is May 10, 2015.

Is your mom really into sewing? Or perhaps quilting is her thing. We’ve got a couple of great gift ideas that will make her Mother’s Day better than ever. Splurge on a Dritz® dressform and let mom really take her garment sewing to the next level. Or if she’s just getting started, a sewing basket loaded with the essential sewing supplies is super thoughtful. Giving the gift of creativity is an awesome thing!

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Sewing Tutorial: How to Use a Twist ‘N Select Needle Storage Tube

It’s a clever new item for storing & dispensing hand sewing needles.

Have you seen the new Dritz® needle storage tube? Talk about a cool sewing supply! It’s called the Twist ‘N Select™ needle storage tube and I really think you’ll love using it to keep your hand sewing needles organized and ready to use. 

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Sewing Tutorial: How to Use a Seam-Fix Seam Ripper

Unique ripper tip adds innovation to this must-have sewing tool.

Okay, I know there are tons of seam ripper aficionados out there, so you guys should find this sewing tutorial lots of fun. Ready? Welcome the newest Dritz® seam ripper to the family: it’s the seam-fix™ seam ripper! Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly love your ripper any more than you already do. Why? It’s got a unique rubbery tip on its cap that grips cut threads and whisks them away. Read on, friends, you will love this new sewing tool …

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Sewing Tutorial: How to Make Bow Ties & Suspenders

Easy sewing for your dapper dude.

So, I’m a bit of a proud mom, but the bow ties and suspenders are pretty cute, too, right? I absolutely love the new Dritz® sewing supplies that make these accessories even easier to make. The new Dritz® bow tie set has the hardware you need to make adjustable ties. New suspender clips and slide adjusters provide more options for you when making suspenders (or straps for bags and totes). Fun stuff for spring occasions and celebrations!

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