Easy Crafts: Make a Braided Elastic Bracelet

Fresh and fun for spring.

Okay so we all know about the bracelet-making craze that’s going on with rubber bands, but what about braiding with woven fold-over elastic? It’s super soft, super colorful and super easy to work with – better yet, there’s no loom required. Want to be a DIY trendsetter? Upgrade your look with Dritz elastic! 

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Easy Crafts: No-sew Clothing Repair with Iron-on Patches

Bring on the fun.

Do you have a little one who plays too hard in his or her pants? Do you hate the thought of investing in new ones when shorts weather is right around the corner? I do! The good news is, there’s a solution for that. Have you ever used Dritz iron-on patches? They’re easy to use, and they’re more than functional. Combine them with patch templates and there’s a whole lot of fashion going on, too. My little guy couldn’t wait to wear his new kicks!

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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Paul Gallo’s Getta Grip® Clips

Isn’t it time you Getta Grip®?

Innovative product. Super talented designer. Clever sewing solution. You intrigued yet? Let’s talk about Getta Grip® Sewing Clips and the sewing revolution they’ve inspired! Their quality is top-notch and their grip is just perfect. (And, hey, what about that fabulous etched artwork?!) The brainchild of fashion illustrator, Paul Gallo, the Getta Grip® Sewing Clips are an indispensable tool in your arsenal of sewing supplies. Why? Because you’ll use them in so many ways: for making alterations, draping, garment sewing, plus a variety of other general crafts and DIY applications. It’s an exciting time to be creating, huh?

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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Fasteners, Tools & More!

Have you visited the sewing notions department lately?

Every spring, we launch a collection of new Dritz sewing supplies. How do we come up with these new items, you might wonder? Well, sometimes the new items are a result of trends we see in fashion (new buckles and swivel hooks for bracelets). Sometimes we revive vintage Dritz notions (love that bound buttonhole tool!). And most often, we’re bringing to market sewing tools to make your hobby easier and more enjoyable. Ready to learn more?

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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Hand Needle Assortment

Wow. That’s a lot of needles.

Do you sew a lot? Do you sew using different fabrics? Well then, it makes sense that you need a variety of hand sewing needles, right? This new deluxe assortment of Dritz hand needles delivers. It’s got 7 styles (100 needles) in one handy package - what could be better! Need a little refresher on how each of these needle styles is used? Thought so. 

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St. Patty’s Day Crafts: You Can’t Pinch This

Oh no you can’t.

Going out to celebrate on St. Patty’s Day? If you want to draw attention instead of pinches, this T-shirt will do the trick. It’s super easy to make. If you want the saying only, all you need is a green T-shirt plus Dritz iron-on lettering. If you’re ready to do a little sewing, add the optional fabric shamrock using the simple pattern included. Sham rockin’ indeed! 

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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Elastic Sliders

Bling it up a notch.

Okay, okay, we know you like the elastic hair ties. Who wouldn’t? They’re so easy to DIY with your own sewing supplies – simple, inexpensive and super cute. Will you believe us if we tell you we’ve found a way to make them even better? Dritz elastic sliders! 

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Quilting Tutorial: Follow the Dotted Line Table Topper

Easy to make using the Omnigrid On-Point Ruler.

Last July, our friend, Donna Lynn Thomas showed us what the On-Point ruler does with simple squares set on point in a border. Today, she’s back with us again, teaching us how to make a cute little table topper called Follow the Dotted Line. Want to know more?

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Sewing Tutorial: Make an Elastic Key Fob

Easy. Cute. Must-make. Need we say more?

Okay, so if there wasn’t a picture, would you know what a fob is? It’s a funny word, isn’t it? By definition: it’s an ornament on a watch chain or ribbon. Well our project is close to the definition. It doesn’t use ribbon, it uses Dritz elastic (new neon and jewel-tone colors, by the way). And the ornament is not a watch, but keys. But, hey, consider yourself in-the-know about exactly what a fob is! Now let’s make a couple! 

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Sewing Supplies: Dritz Sew 101

The tools you need to begin building your sewing stash.

If you’re a beginning sewist, one of the most daunting tasks if often simply just knowing how to get started. The sewing department can be overwhelming – so many products, and so many choices! Which sewing supplies do you really need in your beginning basket, and why? We’ll show you. 

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