Bag Hardware: How to Apply Decorative Grommets

DIY projects are top-notch when finished with professional hardware.

Nothing says fabulous like a hand-made bag that is finished with professional quality hardware – and your choices just keep getting better! New Dritz® grommets have two heavy duty pieces that screw together, providing straps, belting and elastic with a functional – and really nice looking – opening to pass through. Let’s see how these work! 

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Sewing Tutorial: Make an English Paper Piecing Wall Hanging

Isn’t it be-YOU-tiful?!

Want to lounge by the lake or pool, but still stay creative? Have a teen who needs something to do on a long car trip? English paper piecing is the answer – it’s an ideal summer sewing activity because it’s portable. You can make the pieces on-the-go using Dritz® paper piecing shapes, and then turn them into a finished accessory later. This wall hanging is simple, but stylish – sure to be the star of any wall gallery. The cheery message is hand stitched and brightens any space! It’s be-YOU-tiful indeed!

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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Project Pouch for English Paper Piecing Supplies

Now’s the time – EPP is perfect for on-the-go summer sewing.

English paper piecing is the perfect project for summer because it’s portable. Whether you’re working with hexagons, tumblers or diamonds, you can keep all of your hand sewing supplies at hand in this cute project pouch. The magnetic snap keeps your supplies tucked safely inside. Poolside sewing? It’s a thing!

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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Library Tote Bag

Long days. No school. Lots of trips to the library.

It’s so important to keep kids focused on their reading skills over the summer. What a better way to keep them engaged with books, than making regular trips to the library. Make your emerging reader a personalized library tote bag, and going to the library becomes even more fun! You’ll use Dritz® bag hardware – a magnetic snap, swivel hook and key fob – to add function and style. Make the straps out of Dritz® belting – there are many colors to choose from, so they’re sure to match your fabric just perfectly.

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DIY Home Decorating: Easy Curtain Upgrades

Dritz® supplies give store-bought panels a designer look.

Outfitting or updating your home’s curtains can be an expensive proposition. Thankfully, there are many ready-made curtain panels out there that you can easily upgrade using some clever Dritz® DIY supplies, coupled with simple sewing skills.

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