Sewing Tutorial: Make a Personalized Laundry Bag

A monogrammed pocket makes our laundry bag special. 

Add some fun to laundry day with a tote that’s witty, personalized and functional. The Dritz® Clothing Care laundry bag is all of these things in one! The roomy laundry bag comes preprinted with a funny saying on one side, “Life is too short for dirty laundry.” Use this tutorial to add a functional monogrammed pocket to the other side. Laundry day isn’t exciting, but you may as well have fun with it!

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New Dritz Clothing Care Items

Solutions for laundry, plus innovative clothing care and storage products.

Washing, sorting, pressing and storing clothing can be arduous tasks. Don’t you want to know about the innovative products to make these jobs easier? The Dritz® Clothing Care range is full of solutions for you! You’ll find clever care and repair tools, handy laundry aids, and unique ironing accessories. Who knew to look for these items in the sewing supplies department of your favorite fabric/crafts retailer?! Let us show you how to make clothing care more efficient – and even fun!

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Sewing Tutorial: How to Use the LED Needle Threader

Your options for threading a sewing needle have never looked brighter.

If you’re a sewist or a quilter, threading hand sewing needles just goes with the territory. Unfortunately, this task can sometimes be frustrating. Depending on the type of needle you’re threading, its eye can be small and difficult to see. The good news is, we’ve got a new Dritz® LED needle threader that’s brighter than ever. Literally. Keep reading and find out how this innovative tool is a real problem-solver. 

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New Dritz Quilting Supplies

Quilt labels, paper piecing, stencils & more!

It’s the time of year that we have lots of new products to share with you! You quilters will be excited to learn about the new quilting supplies you’ll be seeing in the quilting department of your favorite retailers. Dritz® Quilting paper piecing shapes, quilt labels and twill tape, stencils and clever tools – WOW! Ready to see what’s new? 

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Undergarments for Prom, Weddings & Summer Dresses

No more fashion emergencies or wardrobe malfunctions!

Think that the sewing supplies department is an unlikely place to find a super selection of lingerie products like bra straps, cups and tapes? It may be – but it is in fact a great destination for a variety of undergarment solutions. With occasions like prom and warm-weather weddings on the horizon, be sure to plan your undergarments strategy ahead of time. You want to be comfortable and secure, right? Visit the sewing department and check out all the options that are available from Dritz® – you’ll be so glad you did!

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