Sewing Tutorial: Make Mitten Clips for your Kids

And say bye-bye to lost mittens (and cold hands)!

Y’all this is such an easy project – and super functional! I don’t know what it’s been like in your neck of the woods, but here in South Carolina it has been cold, cold this week. I’ve been sending my little guy to school with mittens, and sometimes they come home, sometimes they don’t. Well this easy-sew project increases those chances! You need Dritz elastic and mitten clip hardware, and no more than 30 minutes … go!  

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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Coiled Hot Pad

A cool way to coordinate your kitchen.

We love projects that are fashionable and functional all at once, and these fabric coiled hot pads fit the bill. Simply wrap your favorite fabric around Dritz cable cord and sew. It’s a clever way to coordinate a useful tabletop accessory with other fabrics in your kitchen such as curtains and hand towels. You’ll love these, and so will your teapot!

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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Memory Pillow with Dritz Inkjet Fabric

A clever way to celebrate favorite moments.

Want to make cherished moments last longer? Capture them by making a memory pillow! Our easy-sew pillows are easy to craft, and don’t they look dynamite? Celebrate a birth, a special sports season or a simple family story – the ideas are endless. You’ll print your memories onto Dritz inkjet fabric, and then iron the printed image onto your pillow fabric. Done and done! Great gift idea, too!

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Sneak Peek: It’s Dritz week at

Oh … are you in for a treat.

It’s always exciting when the team from Sew4Home gets their hands on our Dritz sewing supplies. They’re so creative, and we’re always anxious to see the clever ways that they put our materials to use. This week they’ll be featuring a series called “Did it with Dritz,” so be sure to pop over and follow along. You’ll be surprised and delighted – promise!

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Halloween Crafts: Make a Candy Corn Trick-or-Treat Bag

It’s a must for Halloween night.

Yes, you still have time to make this. It’s a cute bag you can craft quickly using Dritz iron-on letters and Dylon® fabric dye. Your kids will have fun stuffing it with goodies, and they can even use it after Halloween is over. Sweet times ahead!

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