Easy Crafts: Fun with Word Art

Dyed wooden letters add a bit of flair to any room in your home.

Here’s a fun and colorful craft project that’s great for the lazy days of summer – word art made from dyed wooden letters. If you’ve got an odd-shaped strip of wall that’s begging for some interest, word art is the solution. The letters are easy to find, and inexpensive – pick them up in the wood department at your craft retailer. We used Dylon® permanent fabric dye to dye the letters. Simply make a dye bath, submerge the letters, and you’ve got a fun piece of art on your hands. Use multiple dye colors or dye each letter the same color – it’s up to you!

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Jewelry Crafts: Make a Nautical Yo-Yo Necklace

It’s a cool look for warm summer days.

I just love the way the Dritz® cable cord, D-ring and swivel hook are used to make this DIY yo-yo necklace. Love, love, love it! It’s a really easy project, and you can take it in many directions depending upon the fabrics you choose for the yo-yos, and the type of buttons you embellish them with. For summer, we went with the classic navy and white color combination. This necklace is  versatile, too – it pairs perfectly with a t-shirt, tunic or shirtdress. Let’s make one, shall we?

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Sewing Tutorial: Festive 4th of July Napkins

Get the party started with bright & bold easy-sew napkins.

It’s always fun to punch up party decor with personalized touches, isn’t it? Make your 4th of July festivities special with these easy-sew napkins using some basic Dritz® sewing supplies and brightly colored Timeless Treasures fabrics. Celebrate the colors of the season by mixing and matching bold fabrics with a variety of Dritz® elastics – we’ve got ruched, fold-over and ruffled styles. So many ways to have fun this summer!

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Quilting Tutorial: How to Use Dritz Paper Piecing Shapes

Three common basting methods and when to use them.

Paper piecing is addicting! It’s a fun and easy way to make small fabric shapes that are precise and perfectly shaped every time. You’ll use these fabric shapes in many quilting, sewing and craft applications. When using the new Dritz® paper piecing shapes, you’ve got some options when it comes to basting. In this blog post we outline three common methods: thread basting, glue basting, and liquid starch basting. Ready? 

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Sewing Tutorial: Make a Personalized Laundry Bag

A monogrammed pocket makes our laundry bag special. 

Add some fun to laundry day with a tote that’s witty, personalized and functional. The Dritz® Clothing Care laundry bag is all of these things in one! The roomy laundry bag comes preprinted with a funny saying on one side, “Life is too short for dirty laundry.” Use this tutorial to add a functional monogrammed pocket to the other side. Laundry day isn’t exciting, but you may as well have fun with it!

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