Sewing Tutorial: How to Make Bow Ties & Suspenders

Easy sewing for your dapper dude.

So, I’m a bit of a proud mom, but the bow ties and suspenders are pretty cute, too, right? I absolutely love the new Dritz® sewing supplies that make these accessories even easier to make. The new Dritz® bow tie set has the hardware you need to make adjustable ties. New suspender clips and slide adjusters provide more options for you when making suspenders (or straps for bags and totes). Fun stuff for spring occasions and celebrations!

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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tab Closures

Decorative or functional – super fashionable, either way!

Don’t you love these new Dritz® tab closures? You can use them on a variety of hand-sewn garments and accessories (think bags, dresses, capes and skirts). And if you have a store-bought item that needs some extra detail, these closures do the trick. Isn’t modern sewing great? So many options to make your creations fabulous!

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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Straight Pins

Specialty pins for a variety of sewing, crafts & DIY endeavors.

New Dritz® straight pins are colorful and functional. A variety of specialty pin styles means there’s a perfect pin for whatever it is you want to do or make. General sewing? Why not try a pretty pearlized heart pin. Basic crafts? Petite pearlized pins are short, which makes them ideal for DIY floral design. Creating your own wall art? You’ll be surprised at what you can do with map pins. Who knew straight pins had so much personality?

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Floral Crafts: Easy to DIY with Dritz Elastic & Petite Pearlized Pins

Say “hello, spring” with some unique DIY floral arrangements.

With all this winter weather, it’s hard to believe that spring is right around the corner – but it is! And nothing says spring like fresh flowers – and lots of them. I love having fresh flowers in my home, and I’m constantly looking for clever ways to display them. I’m super excited about two of our new Dritz® products that are ideal for DIY floral arranging: our ruched elastic and petite pearlized pins. Let me show you how you can use these sewing supplies to give fresh flower arrangements extra punch.

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DIY Home Decorating: How to Use Decorative Nails & Nailhead Trim

Tips & inspiration for application, spacing and design.

Decorative nails and nailhead trim accents are everywhere! If you’re in the market for new furniture, you’ve seen decorative nails and trim adorning chairs, ottomans, headboards, couches and more. But did you know you can purchase the nails and trim and try adding them to projects yourself? You can! The Dritz® Home line includes a variety of nails, trims and application tools that you can use to DIY unique furniture or other accent pieces. Before you get started, consider these tips and inspiration.

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